Transit Cycles

Let's make bicycles practical again

Transit Cycles is a shop dedicated to making bicycles fun, easy and practical for those interested in commuting, touring and cargo bikes in Tucson Arizona.

Here we come...

“So, what are you doing?”


It is a question that I have gotten a lot over the last few years.  The short answer: I am opening a bike shop. It will be called Transit Cycles and it will be located in the Mercado San Augustin on Congress just west of I-10 in Tucson, Arizona.


Transit Cycles won’t be like any shop in Tucson.  First, it will be the smallest both in terms of staff and actual square footage.  As we open the doors, staff will be me with plenty of support from my family and close friends.  We will limit the bulk of our products to items that make life easier for commuters, cargo & family cyclists and those interested in touring and camping by bicycle.  My goal is to offer an experience to cyclists that aren’t likely to wear Lycra but are just as passionate about riding their bikes. Given the small size of the store, the brands we stock will be carefully selected based on their quality, value and function.  By combining my bicycle advocacy with the education and encouragement we do in the store we will support the growth of this type of cycling in Tucson.


I am a lifelong cyclist with nearly 20 years of bicycle industry experience.  I grew up riding bikes for both transportation and sport.  Since having had children I have been obsessed with making bicycle use safer, more appealing and more desirable to a broader cross section of our community.


You will be able to get your first taste of Transit Cycles in just a few weeks at the Holiday Bazaar hosted by The Mercado San Augustin, December 20-22.  A limited selection of products will be available for purchase for that special bicycle rider in your life.  Transit Cycles will be fully stocked and the doors open in the second half of January.  Please give us a like on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and check out the website to catch updates about some of the product lines and the fun things we will be doing once we get the doors open!


Duncan Benning

Owner, Transit Cycles



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