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Coffee Outside Ride

Hi guys, I hope each of you is doing really well.  I have spoken to a few of you at the shop about our coffee rides and some requested that I put a post here once we had the next one scheduled, so, here it is!

Coffee atop A Mountain

Coffee atop A Mountain

The next Coffee Outside ride will be Thursday October the 30th and we will begin the ride at 6:30am.  Here is a map of the route we will be taking, we typically stop at each meet up spot for a couple of minutes in case anyone is out of bed late.  We should arrive at the park right around 7:30 if it is better for you to meet us there.  These rides are very mellow and conversational and if you don't have the ability to brew camp coffee simply load a thermos before you leave the house.  We are working on way to make larger volume brewing possible but that won't happen in time for this ride.  Hope to see everyone there.