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An Example of the Heritage Bicycles Chief

An Example of the Heritage Bicycles Chief

It's been sometime since I've posted!  I had to take a bit of a break from some things, like updating the site, in order to get the doors open at the store.  Now that the doors are open I'm planning on posting here with much more regularity.

I wanted to talk briefly about something that I don't think I've done such a great job of letting folks know. We try pretty hard to offer products that are made in America.  By no means are all of our products being produced in the States but when there is an option that meets the proper price range, quality and function within a given category then I do try to get it into the store.

Two great examples of this are Heritage Bicycles and Detroit Bikes.  Heritage, based in Chicago, offers a wonderful array of frames that are fully customizable allowing you to build a dream city bike in almost any configuration imaginable from mild to wild.  Below is a beautiful example of what you can do with a Heritage build...

That said they are also very reasonably priced starting at just $799 in a basic configuration with your choice of color.  Detroit Bikes are based in Detroit (bet you didn't see that coming) and like the city from which they hale have a very no-nonse feel.  These solid bikes come in just one size but feature an adaptive geometry that allows them to fit a broad range of heights this along with their any color you want as long as it's black finish allow you to get rolling on a US made bike for just $699.

It isn't all about bikes though.  We offer bags from Mission Workshop based in San Francisco, Road Runner Bags out of Los Angeles, Topo Design from Colorado and panniers from North St. Bags who is based in Portland Oregon.  Each of these companies offers fantastic, well made products and compliment each other wonderfully....Mission Workshop builds higher end, more technical products where Road Runner produces a vast line of bags that are more paired down in terms of technical features but not in terms of build quality or materials Topo Designs offers a more playful take on classic outdoor bags.  North St offers a great line of bike mounted bags that work equally as well getting you to work as they do carrying you and all your gear on a week (or weeks) long bike tour.  On top of that they are developing a great series of bags that convert from bike mounted to people mounted and back again for those days when you need to carry as much with the bike as without.

These are by no means our only MUSA offerings but hopefully this post gives you a good idea of some of the things we have in store that are sourced from the lower 48.  This list grows often so make sure to stop in soon to learn more about what brands we have available.