Transit Cycles

Let's make bicycles practical again

Transit Cycles is a shop dedicated to making bicycles fun, easy and practical for those interested in commuting, touring and cargo bikes in Tucson Arizona.

Transit Cycles is Hiring!

I'll keep this brief.  Transit Cycles is looking for to hire our first part time employee.  I am not looking to fill a specific role but instead I am looking for the right person.  That person may have several years of shop experience or they may be looking for their first job.  What role you end up filling will be related to your experience but everyone will be doing the basics of helping to keep the shop clean, taking out the boxes and trash, and at least basic merchandising.  You will have the opportunity if you don't already have the experience to learn how to change flats, do basic repairs and build bikes.  Initially you can expect to average 10 hours per week there will be times when I ask for more and there may be times when I ask for less.  Pay will start at $9.50 per hour and will go higher based on experience.

If you are interested please send your resume along with a paragraph or two about why you want to work for me and a brief description of your experience to Duncan (at)