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Transit Cycles is a shop dedicated to making bicycles fun, easy and practical for those interested in commuting, touring and cargo bikes in Tucson Arizona.

Fall is coming

And just like that Summer comes screeching to a halt.  The kids are back in school.  The evening air is a bit cooler.  We have lots of stuff going on around the shop so lets jump on in.

First, from now until September 7th our friends at Linus Bikes is offering everyone a 20% discount on all of their bikes.  For some reason they feel like they need to "Hang on to Summer".  

Next for some new product news.  We added All City Cycles to the family of brands we stock here at the shop a few months ago but we didn't really tell anyone as it was sort of close to summer vacation season.  Well as we transition into a new season we are seeing the release of some new bikes from All City and we are really excited about some of them.  At the top of the list is the new Pony Express seen here:

This rad machine is based on their Space Horse frameset making it a super comfy, versatile machine ready for which ever road you can imagine yourself on.  The Pony Express is built up with flat bars and solid 10 speed drivetrain so it is ready to carry you off to school, work or drinks with friends on Monday but its just as capable of caring you off to say the Colossal Cave Campground for a night or two of bike camping and hammock hanging on the weekends.  Decide in the future you want an ultra comfy drop bar bike for some longer miles?  Well swap a few parts and you can easily convert the Pony Express into it's big brother the Space Horse.

But that's not it!  Are cargo bikes more your thing?  Well good because they certainly are one of our's.  We are super excited to announce that we will soon be selling Bullitt cargo bikes.  If you aren't familiar with Bullitt they are one of the best riding, best values available in a front loading cargo bike.  In the US Bullitt is imported by Splendid Cycles in Portland Or. where they are custom spec'd for the US market before being shipped off to dealers around the country.  We will initially have two models on the floor for you to check out similar to the bikes pictured below...

Bullitt SLX build in Blue Bird.  Image Credit: Splendid Cycles

Bullitt SLX build in Blue Bird.  Image Credit: Splendid Cycles

Shimano STePS equipped E-Bullitt

Shimano STePS equipped E-Bullitt

Are you still reading?  Hello?  Oh, sorry, did you nod off asleep?  No? Ok, good because there are still a few things to let you know about.  

We have all the usual fun stuff happening including our monthly ride to Dragoon Brewer, Cyclovia and that sort of thing but we are also going to be adding another monthly event.  We are working out the details but it will include a bike ride and probably fried chicken!  In addition to that we are working on finalizing a few events that are centered around bike camping, one in particular may include some exciting out of town guests.

Thanks for lending us so much of your time.  We appreciate it and are looking forward to seeing each and everyone of you out on the roads, or enjoying a beer, or maybe at a campsite one day soon!