The Paloma Handlebar Bag puts everything you need within reach while you’re on the move, so you can go further, faster. No more stuffed jersey pockets, or repeatedly stopping to get things out of your saddle bag or panniers.

Perfectly sized for a fast-paced day ride, the Paloma is equally at home around town, or as part of your camping setup. You can use it on most any bike,* as it mounts easily to the Klickfix Handlebar Adapter on your bars, without a front rack or complicated hardware.

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Swift takes the classic French handlebar bag design and pairs it with modern textiles to bring you the lightest traditional randonneur bags on the market. The Ozette Rando bag is installed at the front of the bicycle on a small front rack and attaches to the bike using a decaleur.

A favorite of long-distance cyclists, rando bags make for more efficient riding by keeping gear accessible while on the move.

Jr. Ranger Panniers

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Swift took the super light, low profile Junior Ranger Panniers to the next level with durable X-Pac™ fabric. Additional abrasion resistance and a rip-stop grid make X-Pac™ an excellent material for more rugged adventures.

Looking to add capacity to your minimal set up? The Hinterland Junior Ranger Panniers are lightweight, low profile adventure companions with gravel and off road riding in mind. Now it’s simpler than ever to cover more territory.

The Hinterland Junior Ranger Panniers can be used on front or rear racks.

Roll Top Panniers

Colors may vary.

Colors may vary.

Our tribute to dedicated urban riders, the Roll Top Panniers’ capacity and water resistance are perfect for daily urban adventures and long-distance bicycle touring alike. With room for your commuting essentials and a trip to the market on your way home, these bags can do it all.

With a simple and effective roll top and flap closure, these panniers adjust to fit your load. An external pocket means you don’t have to go digging to find your essential things. For hands-free off-bike carry, you can easily convert the Roll Top Panniers into a backpack. Simply add the Backpack Conversion to your order and we’ll install the kit before shipping the panniers out to you.

Zeitgeist Saddle Bags

Custom Zeitgeist Saddle Bag

The Zeitgeist Saddle Bag is a fresh take on the classic British touring saddlebag. Modern materials make this bag lightweight and give it that Swift Industries pop! Take advantage of the space under your saddle with a bag that is optimal for packing overnight supplies. The Zeitgeist Saddle bag attaches to the strap loops built-in on some saddles, or can be cradled by a support rack designed exactly for this bag.

Travel Organizers - Seeker, Wanderlust





Keep track of where you’ve put your things with a range of Swift Travel Organizers including the Seeker and Wanderlust Packers. Spend more time exploring and less time rifling through your things! We offer you smoother travel and easier packing with our awesome small organizer bags.